New Community Worker 

We are very pleased to bring you an update on staffing in the church. As you should know, Emma has been our Community Worker for the last 5 years and we have been greatly encouraged by the way that work has grown and developed in that time. We have known for a wee while now that Emma was going to be leaving us this year, and so we have been actively looking for someone the Lord might be calling to lead our Community Work. We advertised widely and received interest from a number of people, and we’re pleased to present to you Mark Brown as Hebron’s next Community Worker. Mark has been a member of the church here for a number of years and he comes to this role with a background of, most recently, working in the charities and voluntary sector in the city.
Throughout the process, Mark presented a very clear vision of what he saw as the key principles that should guide the work and some specific new ministries he would like to try start up. And as we draw nearer to his taking up the role in Hebron, he will take opportunities to present that vision to the church. As the church looks forward, we are eager to maintain the excellent work that Emma has been instrumental in getting up and running and Mark, we know, is looking forward to helping make sure that none of the great opportunities that we have right now fall by the wayside.
One obvious difference between Emma and Mark is their gender, and many of you will be concerned that some of the work that particularly benefits from female input might suffer. The elders share that concern and so we are looking to create a new role in Hebron – a part-time Children’s & Women’s worker. Specifically this will focus on the children’s outreach work and work amongst mums in the community, but also looking to help with some of the female-specific pastoral needs in the church. There’s more information on the noticeboard and on the website.
The summer will be a time of change in Hebron and we look forward to your continued support, not just in expressing your support for new staff members, but also in giving your time and your resources. Unless we have a strong base of volunteers for the work, then our work will not be effective in bringing the Gospel to this community and this city.
Please be praying for Mark and Lisa and Samuel as they prepare for this new chapter of life and ministry. And it would be encouraging to confirm your support for Mark as he takes up this position. If you have any questions about how we got here, please do speak to the elders.