Christians in Sport crop 
Hebron Evangelical Church, Aberdeen



Your Name:
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In what ways are you involved in sport?

What level are you currently playing/involved at? 

In an average week, how many hours do you spend training/competing/ travelling to and from your/your children’s sport?

In an average month, on how many Sundays do you attend church? 

Are you aware of any other Christians in your team/club? 
Player (11 and under)  Yes  No 

Player (12-18) Yes   No 
Player (over 18) Yes   No 
Parent/Guardian Yes   No 
Other Yes  No  
Do you have the opportunity to meet regularly with Christians other than at a church service on Sundays? 
Youth Group  weekly   fortnightly  monthly  termly 
School SU weekly  fortnightly  monthly  termly 
University CU weekly  fortnightly  monthly  termly 
House Group/Bible Study weekly  fortnightly  monthly  termly 
Prayer Group weekly  monthly  fortnightly  termly 
In what ways do you feel supported by the church as you seek to live out your faith in your sport?
In what ways could the church better support you?

What do you find most difficult about being a Christian in your sport?

I give permission for my details to be passed on to Christians in Sport so they can contact me regarding updates and information about events in Aberdeen:  Yes   No