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There are many areas that we would love you to get involved in, within the life of the church.

Why not sign up to serve on a team to help run our Sunday Services? Here is a list of areas where we currently have opportunities to serve in:
  • Creche
  • Serving supper on Sunday evenings
  • on the welcome/stewarding team

"Many hands make light work"

Okay, so it's not a Biblical phrase (it's only been in use since the 1300s) although Moses did receive similar advice from his father-in-law in Exodus 18, but it is true, and in the life of a busy church, very much so!
From time to time, there are a few thing our staff and volunteers could use an extra bit of help with - whether it's cutting things out in time for Baby and Toddlers one Thursday or moving some seats one afternoon or bringing in some baking one day - and if you've got a bit of spare time you could be just the person to help out!

Some of the things needing done at the moment are listed on our Many Hands page. Some are on-going needs where we could add you to the rota or call on you if someone can't manage their slot. Please take a look at the page whenever you can - you can volunteer directly through the page - and join us in the work of Hebron. 

If you have another question about getting more involved in the life of the church, please contact the church office.