Men's Focus

mens group buttonThe Bible teaches us that men and women have been created differently so that they can fulfil different God-honouring roles. It is when men and women complement each other in in their roles (rather than mimic each other) that God’s pattern for human relationships is seen. As men, we are called to demonstrate spiritual leadership both in the church and in the home.

For many of us, this is not a role that comes naturally and so we see our regular Men’s Group as a time when we can study the word of God together, specifically considering its implications for us as men, and praying through these things together.

We also plan to have some one-off events, to deepen our fellowship together. This ministry is open to all men, whatever your age, or circumstances. For more information about any events for men please do contact us

Focus. Men's GroupMen's Focus (James Ch. 1 v 23) will be starting up again on Saturday 21st September and every 3rd Saturday of the month 8 - 9:30am. All men welcome: come for breakfast, bible study, prayer and fellowship. The first study is on Philippians 2v12 "work out your salvation", discussing the importance of not just taking in Bible information, but how best to ‘work that out’ in our daily lives.