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Story Title


23rd August 79 The Birth of Jesus Foretold 1
30th August 78 The Birth of Jesus 2
6th September 80 Jesus Presented in the Temple 3
13th September 81 The Ministry of John the Baptist 4
20th September 82 The Baptism of Jesus 5
27th September 83 The Temptation of Jesus 6
4th October 84 The Wedding Feast 7
11th October 85 Jesus Cleanses the Temple 8
18th October 86 Nicodemus 9
25th October 87 Good News 10
1st November 88 The Miraculous Catch 11
8th November 89 Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man 12
15th November 90  The Sermon on the Mount - the Beatitudes 13
22nd November 91 The Sermon on the Mount - Love Your Enemies 14
29th November 92 The Lord's Prayer 15

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