Bible Study Groups (1)Bible Study Groups (small groups of about 10) meet to study the Bible, pray together, encourage and support one another.
They are a great way to get to know others in the church better and to delve deeper into God's Word together.

In February and March 2021 we will be using a study guide on Daniel to look at what we can expect from this life and how we can stay strong when God's kingdom seems so far away 


 "Daniel: staying strong in a hostile world"

You can also order a copy of the book or the e-book (pdf/kindle/ePub) on the link above.

If you've not been part of a group before let us know which time you could join a Bible Study by Zoom:

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How do I join a Zoom Bible Study?
You will receive an email from your group leader with meeting ID and password, and a link to the "meeting."
The video below shows you how to follow the link to get started (skip to 3min20 if you just want to see what happens!):

If you have any questions please email