Our History

Hebron is an independent church, descended from the Brethren movement. The Brethren movement began in the 1830s when groups of believers began to meet informally to study Scriptures, break bread, and pray together. They willingly adopted the simple principles of the church of the First Century, as described in the Acts of the Apostles, and from this there developed a particular pattern of church meetings, bible teaching and evangelism.

A small group of believers began meeting in the west of Aberdeen and in 1911 were able to purchase a building on Thistle Street which was our home for 100 years. 

In the year 2000 we employed our first member of staff - Peter Glasgow, who joined us as full-time Pastor for seven years. 
Around 2001, with the blessing of the church members, the elders and trustees set up a relocation committee who were tasked with finding land or a building which would allow us to expand our work and accommodate our growing congregation. Over time, after investigating a few different options the Lord made it clear that our calling was to be a city centre church. In 2006, the congregation at Denburn Parish Church on Summer Street was disbanded and having visited the building, the elders made an offer to buy it. This was turned down, but when the building was put on the market 4 years later they put in another offer. We were the second highest bid but the highest bidder pulled out, which allowed us to go ahead with the purchase (for less than we had offered in 2006.)

In April 2011 we received the keys to the building and held our first prayer meeting in the hall on Wednesday 6th April. 

In the following months we had plans for renovation drawn up, took on some of the work ourselves, celebrated our Centenary in our Thistle Street building in November then packed up to move round the corner!

By January 2012 we had sold our Thistle Street building to the solicitors next door and work was completed on Phase 1 of our building project allowing us to move in to the side hall where we held our first services on Sunday 29th January.

Over the course of the next 3 years work continued on the main building to create a larger sanctuary space and extra general purpose rooms. We celebrated the completion of the work with a Thanksgiving Service in November 2015.