Many Hands 

Welcome to Many Hands! There are many things happening in Hebron all the time, and we would love for you to get involved with all that is happening. Below is a list of the current things that we need volunteers for - have a look, fill in a form and someone will get back to you ASAP!

  • Befriending
    • Volunteer befrienders needed!
  • Essentials Course (Sept & Oct Friday evenings)
    • Making & serving tea & coffee
  • CAP Money Course
    • Help setting-up
    • Making tea & coffee 
  • Monday Club 6pm-7.30pm each Monday
  • Baby and Toddler Group (Thursdays 1pm)
    • Serving snacks
    • Group helpers
  • Mainly Music (Tuesdays 1pm)
    • Helping set-up
    • Serving snacks
    • Helping with Mainly Music
  • Pop-Up Cafe in school holidays - afternoons
    • Volunteers to help run Pop-Up Cafe
    • Baking for Pop-Up Cafe
  • Holiday Club in school holidays (mornings)
    • Holiday Club Volunteers
    • Lunches for Holiday Club Volunteers
  • LEGACY - teens outreach
  • Music
    • Audio
    • Visuals
    • Band
  • Catering
    • Sunday morning tea&coffee
    • Sunday evening supper

(you may need to hold shift to select more than one option)

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